Mobile Lab sprints for run2geo

By admin, July 11, 2017


Fitness industry is not untouched from presence of mobile apps. Apps are used for various purposes that include, enquiring about suitable fitness regime, checking the progress of fitness routine and results of fitness regime.

An important aspect of fitness is running and while running, an athlete needs to monitor his stamina and speed for improvement. Running events are organized however in some cases; people interested fail to participate in the event, due to location, financial reason etc.

Existing apps has failed to offer a comprehensive solution to address coordination, among runners. It requires new functionality to synchronise event execution in real time, at various geographies. The detailed analysis and modules were needed for bonding and motivation that could improve the performance of runners.

Hence, the client run2geo approached Leo TechnoSoft in order to develop an app with Global Positioning System (GPS) functionality. The Mobile Lab of Leo TechnoSoft played an important role in the development of the app.


The purpose behind the development of run2geo app was to counter following challenges;

User Location Tracking: There was a need to develop GPS functionality of run2geo and sync it with the GPS of the mobile device. Sometimes, the location of users or running partners of users did not appear accurately on map. This was due to the lack of perfect GPS.

Synchronizing data and notification: Due to the diverse locations of participants for an event, synchronization of events in different geographical locations is a challenge. Also, when an organizer organizes an event, sending numerous invitations instantly for the event is not possible without a suitable mobile application.

Performance analysis: A runner while running needs to check his performance rate of improvement in his speed and pace. Heartbeat, pulse and other health metrics need to be analyzed during the athlete‘s course of action so that app can offer correct offer insights.

Distance Measurement: Calculation with regards to speed, time distance is needed. Track of miles determines improvement of performance.

Background monitoring: Many a time user (while running), requires location tracking enabled in the background while the device is in-use for some other purpose.

Battery drain issue: A multi-tenancy system was required that would enable the management of various user accounts on one single platform.


Offshore iOS and Android App Development company Leo TechnoSoft developed the app. The purpose of adding perfect GPS functionality to the app was achieved via extensive research and development, followed by testing of scenarios via Real Time Testing methods. This ensured the precise location of the user appearing on the map during Navigation functionality in use, as Data Plotting via Apple Map Kit was used in the Mobile Lab. Battery issues were also sorted out.

The feature of background tracking was developed in the Mobile Lab on the lines of the latest iOS background mode features. The run2geo app was used for various purposes including organizing running events and checking of the sprint progress.

For the accurate tracking of pace, distance and time, functionalities enabling calculation with real time data and background mode were made functional in the Mobile Lab.

Benefits of Mobile Lab for run2geo

Advance calculation of budget: It was possible for client to calculate budget in advance.

Functional GPS: Developments and tests in Mobile Lab successfully added proper GPS functionality to run2geo app.

Time-saving: Developing an app in Mobile Lab saves time to market as dedicated team of developers develops the app and launches it on the app store meanwhile business can concentrate on core business activities.

Background tracking: Mobile Lab made it possible for run2geo users to concentrate on running as the app would track their speed, stamina and distance in the background even when they would use other apps in their phone while running.

Infrastructure: Mobile Lab in itself is a fully synchronized lab with all required entities like bypassing networks, cloud device and network via modems.

Chart: Mobile Lab also introduced the functionality of presenting the charts of daily running or monthly running.

Nominal budget: As all expenses were calculated in advance, planning to do everything on a nominal budget succeeded.

Expertise for development & testing: Mobile Lab has the team of developers and testers that successfully added the required functionalities to the app.

Flawless app: After developers develop the app, testers test it to fix the bugs. This results into a flawless app.

All kinds of development possible: In Mobile Lab, one can develop native apps as well as cross-platform apps.


Developed in Mobile Lab, run2geo achieved lesser time to market. The Mobile Lab Also helped in reducing the cost of ownership by effectively controlling the infrastructure and development investment. run2geo is now on its way to the Phase 2 where new features will be introduced.

About Mobile Lab

Leo TechnoSoft introduced Mobile Lab for the development and testing of applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with infrastructure and scalability for start-ups and ISV.

About Leo TechnoSoft

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  • iOS
  • Objective C (Frontend)
  • NET (Backend)
  • MySQL (Database)

Development Duration

4 months

Team Size

2 people


Agile Methodology
Windows Azure

Benefits of Agile Methodology

  • Faster maturity
  • Speed-to-market
  • Quality
  • Visibility
  • Risk Management
  • Flexibility / Agility
  • Cost Control

Benefits of Windows Azure

  • Ability to Scale on Demand
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Competitive
  • Customer support
  • Hybrid Capability
  • Test Backups
  • Integrative Data Solution
  • Automation
  • Simple and Reliable Data Storage
  • API Management
  • Ability to Run Virtual Machines
  • Developer Collaboration and Options