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By admin, July 12, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client is in Powder Coating Industry that offers complete step-by-step organizational structure through the entire powder coating workflow process.


Leo TechnoSoft’s prime challenge here was to come up with the required SaaS software within shortest span of time with true Multi – Tenant system to compete in the market for its Client. With its Multi – Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant”, we provided end to end re-engineering service to the Client which makes system transition simple.

Since the framework is already in place it took approximately half the time required to transit the software in SaaS environment, meeting our Client’s demand of limited time and budget. Backed up with complex ERP features like BI process, Reports, price estimator, visual travellers, job pricing and numerous other SaaS characteristics like Tenant management, Load Distribution and High Availability, Usage metering, Log Management, SaaS Tenant made a rather tough task, a smooth walk.

Powder Coating Industry

Business Situation

Our client initially had an ERP desktop application and they wished to transit into SaaS environment within a limited time constraint. For the same, they were in search of an outsource product development team with SaaS expertise, who could understand their complex work process and provide them with cost effective platform.


Leo TechnoSoft took on the task of transition the Client’s Desktop based ERP system into SaaS environment with the help of our Multi – Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant”. This helped us deliver the product to our client in a very short span of time and at a reduced cost.


  • Silverlight
  • C#
  • WCF


Streamlined operations result in smoother, more resourceful production and cost cutting, which leads to more rapid and lucrative success.

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Leo TechnoSoft Product Engineering Services

Leo TechnoSoft provides a full length Product Engineering services in SaaS and enterprise environment which leads to cost savings, better efficiency and performance to the ISV’s.

We take pride in informing you that we build, manage and market solutions in 50% less time and 100% accuracy with the help of reusable framework module called “SaaS Tenant” and software test automation.

We control our AGILE and SCRUM process with great expertise and highest quality standards creating a unique platform for the services we offer.

Leo TechnoSoft has partnered with numerous ISV’s for past few years and transferred their products onto the SaaS Environment, with a reasonable share of success.