O&P Ease – Mobile Application for Equipment Orders Management

By admin, November 7, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client, a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient care services is based in South Carolina Lowcountry. With five offices established in the entire Lowcountry that are fully staffed and equipped with huge inventory of devices to serve patients of all age groups, they employ the most advanced clinical techniques and the finest products whether they are fabricating an artificial limb or fitting a custom-brace. Moreover, they provide all the services required to insure ongoing satisfaction, instruction, training and as-needed adjustment or maintenance of any product they supply.

Current Trends

At present, it is essential to have an online equipment order management system that enables doctors and medical practitioners to share patient information and order their requirement to the O&P equipment manufacturers effortlessly.

Business Situation

Our client contacted us with an incredible idea to modernize and simplify the process which the doctors exercise for giving O&P equipment orders to them. They required a mobile application that would enable the doctors to send patients’ personal information and their equipment requirements via email to the company’s system as well as to the attending doctor for his/her personal record. Our expert team of adept developers rendered a bespoke solution that ably catered the client’s precise requirements.


Our experts came up with an amazing cross platform mobile application O&P Ease, designed to aid doctors to seamlessly order O&P equipments from our client. The application is architected to help the client to effectively understand patient’s diagnosis and fabricate the equipment or brace in accordance to the patient’s injury. What’s more, the application facilitates the task of managing different orders besides maintaining an online record of the patients.


• Cross platform mobile application that runs on iOS and Android phones
• PhoneGap
• Apache Cordova
• JavaScript
• CSS3


The application is a user friendly and works in a flow, based on the option selected by the user. Following are the two main features in the app:-

• Orthotics
• Prosthetics

After selecting any one option, the user would have to fill in the required details in different pages, which are:-

Patient Info – user will input details like name, phone number, date of birth, insurance company name
Diagnosis Details – user will select the Dx and Rx code according to the patient’s injury
Clinical Notes – Doctor inputs his/her own diagnosis and notes, if any

At the end, complete patient details are manifested on the screen and after the doctor’s e-signature and submission, an email is sent to the company, who by analyzing the Dx and Rx values, gets the O&P equipment ready for the patient.


• It provides doctors and our client, a way to handle their paperwork online and avoid the often daunting paperwork process.
• Saves time —Increases our client’s efficiency by placing patient information at their fingertips.
• Provides real-time access to medical records and references, which enables smarter decisions at the point of care and improved continuity of care.
• Improves care and safety — Eliminates errors related to unavailable patient records, handwritten notes or paper-based charges.
• Increases satisfaction —Provides doctors, our client and other authorized providers access to information anytime, anywhere to improve decision-making.

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