Order Management System (OMS)

By admin, April 24, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client SUNRx is a pharmaceutical benefits management company based in Bensalem, PA, providing automated solutions that help community health organizations manage 340B, PAP, GPO and other discount drug programs and comply with government regulations.


How about an integrated system for the automation of order placement processes? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a system that would simply integrate with customers, raise sales, decrease costs, eliminate manual tasks and concentrate on building your business incorporating the entire logistics process from order to delivery? The accomplished team of Leo TechnoSoft have made this a reality!

The OMS developed by Leo TechnoSoft includes Order Management System (OMS), PBMS and Customer Relation Management (CRM) that would take charge of all these. Encumbered with benefits, the order manager can create/modify /view/delete orders and its product search facility can also add/modify/view members. Its claims management system manages different claims like Medical claims and DSI claims. Credit card payment, quality control of products/orders and check payments are also managed under OMS. The Quality Manager ensures quality and can view/modify/delete order details.

This system offers flexible sales order management processes for fulfilling the perfect order to satisfy your customers, enabling a complete management from order-to-cash. Subsequently, automate and streamline your complete sales process with this pioneering software.


Pharmacy Life Science

Business Situation

Our client wanted to develop a system to create and track complex day-today orders. The challenge was to develop a system that will provide the highest rate of productivity, while building upon a framework that will facilitate scalability.


The zealous team of Leo Technosoft developed radical software by combining Order Management System (OMS), PBMS and Customer Relation Management (CRM) using the technology of Windows Server Operating System, IIS 6.0 as Application Server, SQL Server 2000 as Database Server, ASP.NET and VB.NET.


• Windows Server Operating System
• IIS 6.0 as Application Server
• SQL Server 2000 as Database Server


This exceptional software is made up with benefits like:

• The order manager system creates, modifies, views and deletes orders
•Product Search Facility
• Claims Management
• Credit card payment and quality control
• User Management
• Search facility
• ticket support
• Drug Search facility
• Incorporates customer service taking calls from members and tracking their requests (500-1000/day)

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Country or Region

United States

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