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By admin, April 1, 2012

Customer Profile

Our client Bibek Das is an entrepreneur who had a vision to develop a one of its kind social distribution networking platform that would be one of the biggest gift card sharing platforms to be available.


PicomoPay is a revolutionary virtual gifting platform that is an admirable way to showcase your love and care for your dear ones. It’s a virtual gifting platform on social networking sites with a difference.

Be it for birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, festive occasions or even ways to collect money for charities, this group contribution card has it all. It is the most personalised and convenient way to offer presents and pamper your loved ones. All one needs to do is simply create an account with PicomoPay on Facebook and then one can instantly start purchasing and sending friends and family virtual gift cards on all kinds of special occasions.

A wallet option is provided which is an online money holder where the user needs to register all his card details and deduction from the users balance occurs as and when a gift is purchased. There is absolutely no registration required and the user just needs to have a Facebook ID. It’s been exclusively available on Facebook to take ample advantage of viral marketing.

Connect emotionally with your friends and family with this virtual bliss!


Social Networking Gifting Application

Business Situation

Our client being an ambitious achiever wanted to enable e-Commerce and allow the traditional merchants, charities, universities and other organizations to participate in the social media economy.


The team of Leo TechnoSoft met the requirements of the client and developed the largest gift card distribution platform i.e. virtual gift cards on social networking sites to be available on the Internet and selected mobile devices. The technology of MySQl, Servlet, jsp, Javascript, ajax. Css and Facebook api were used to develop this stimulating platform.


• Java
• Android SDK
• MySQl
• Servlet
• Jsp


This mesmerizing application helps you send gifts in real time. It’s handy and hassle-free method that enables gift receiving and giving almost effortless.

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United States

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