Practise Management System for Dental Industry

By admin, April 10, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client is part of the tripartite structure of organized dentistry. It has approximately 2,000 members in all categories and is one of the largest of the component in the US. It has maintained a significant role in the personal and professional development of dentists.


The ingenious minds of Leo Technosoft have come up with an across-the-board practice management system which addresses the complex revenue cycle management and administrative needs of physician practices. This solution deals with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice, facilitating the management of clinic-based financial and patient information throughout the organization.

This marvellous software provides critical support for physician practice management functions improving the financial performance and increasing productivity. This system is conveniently designed to provide numerous benefits like accurate patient information and business management across the organization, scheduling of appointments, diagnosis and treatment, unparalleled service with dedicated accounting claims and insurance, imaging integrated with X ray viewer, E charting, reporting and iPad viewing.

The challenge during development lay on supporting this system with iPad as it was designed keeping the doctors need in mind who favoured E charting and imaging view through the iPad. Eventually the enthusiastic team of Leo Technosoft proved triumphant in developing a remarkable software that’s breakthrough altogether.

Healthcare (Dental Industry)

Business Situation

Our client wanted a comprehensive SaaS software that would prove to be an end-to-end solution for dental management system. They specifically wanted to migrate their legacy desktop based application to SaaS in order to increase flexibility and comply with all certification and standards required by the US Government.


The fervent Leo Technosoft team came up with a SaaS based practise management system that would integrate a total dental management system supporting operations through iPad and making it portable altogether. The mammoth task of supporting this task through the iPad too was very well executed through the use of lead tools for imaging and E charting..


• Objective C
• Javascript
• jQuery
• jQuery mobile
• Lead tools for Imaging and E charting
• SQL 2008


This fundamental software would make possible the complete management of the dental management system. This would in effect support the doctors to do E charting and imaging through an iPad.

Developed in the year


Country or Region

United States

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