QwikTrans – Translation and Editing Services

By admin, November 27, 2014

Customer Profile: Our client, Trans-Asia Inc., is a major Tokyo-based translation agency that has been operating for 20 years.

Current Trends

Today, with the continuous growth of a global economy and developments in technology, the process of translating and editing documents in various languages is evolving rapidly. People are always looking for an easy option to get their documents translated and edited.

Business Situation

Our client approached us with the idea of creating a platform that enables prospective customers to easily submit their documents for translation and editing. They wanted the portal to be available in both English and Japanese language and wanted it to offer ample options to the users to choose from, according to their requirements, priority and budget.


Our expert team of developers at Leo TechnoSoft catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed a portal, QwikTrans, using Django platform that is dependable and cost effective. The developed portal offers the users a quick, convenient, and cost-effective online translation service. It allows them to receive an instant, no-obligation quote for translations on one or multiple files of the most popular types; to register, to place an order, and to receive their completed translation.


• Django
• JavaScript
• Python


QwikTrans is much faster, more convenient, and less expensive than traditional offline translation services, but still offers many of the same features, including a choice of quality levels, the ability to choose your deadline, and the ability to provide references and instructions.


• Quality – QwikTrans portal meets customers’ translation needs by providing high-quality translation services conveniently and quickly, at competitive prices.
• Speed– Portal allows instant quotations and rapid delivery.
• Cost Effectiveness–QwikTrans provides efficiencies that allow our client to streamline the translation process, meaning that they can pass on those cost savings to their customers.
• Convenience – Placing an order with QwikTrans is easy, and can be done 24-hours a day. Customers can also get a personal QwikTrans page that contains the information and tools necessary to keep track of all their translation jobs.
• Security– QwikTrans uses the best available security tools to ensure that customers’ documents remain confidential.