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By admin, July 9, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client offers the most comprehensive web-based storage, exchange, and interpretation of images for radiology providers. They have fully licensed medical experts and radiologists to interpret the data and images and write reports.


Web based online Radiology application built by Leo TechnoSoft deals with the distinctive needs of radiology clinics and radiologists, while simultaneously meeting their office management and billing software needs.

The high quality DICOM images are viewable from remote locations on any device with WEB access. The x-ray viewer is also equipped with an online accounting, patient tracking, generating certificate, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and billing interface making it a standalone profit centre. This innovative tool helps Radiologists view original x-ray images online and offers medical interpretational reporting on radiology examination.

Our engineers were put through a tough task of building up software that could maintain top-level X-ray viewer, handling it with DICOM images and X-ray report generation as well. Their output in the form of Radiology Software helped them provide these facilities without any hindrance.


Health Care

Business Situation

Our client was in quest of a company that could develop software for the radiologists in order to enable them to view and study the X-rays anytime – anywhere, even in remote locations.


Leo TechnoSoft’s experienced healthcare engineering team built the next version of a powerful web-based radiology service supporting x-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT modalities integrated with features of PACS and EMR, subscribing to healthcare standards defined by HL7.


• ASP.Net
• Java
• HL7
• SQL server
• C#


• Maintain & track patient information
• Maintain digital & digitized images
• Create & issue radiology reports
• Manage & maintain billing for your service

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United States

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