SaaS based Web Application | RiskAssessor™ Statistical Model

By admin, June 27, 2017

Customer Profile: Our client, The Adept Group, founded in 1984 and based in US and Asia, is the world’s leading consultancy in New Product Development and Innovation Management productivity. Adept focuses solely on helping organizations radically improve the speed, efficiency, and strategic impact of new product development and therefore delivers to its clients, significant and measurable improvements in product development and innovation management.

Current Trends

Heightened international competition, varied and quickly changing technologies and challenging customer expectations have made the new product development in any industry complicated, but the risk is even higher and have substantially reduced the certainty of the possible result. According to empirical research, the success rate of new product development (NPD) projects is still low. Therefore, there has been a strategic increase in identifying and analyzing risks in the NPD.

Business Situation

Our client was in need of a cloud based web application that would enable assessment and quantification of New Product Development (NPD) risks effortlessly. They were looking for a company experienced with SaaS-based system, who could develop the application in a multi-tenant SaaS framework.

Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS-Tenant™ framework together with feature rich modules facilitates any enterprise to manage plus scale their applications effortlessly. Recognizing this flexible quality of SaaS-Tenant™, the client chose Leo TechnoSoft, the specialists in SaaS for developing their pioneering web application amongst various other frameworks.


Leo TechnoSoft with their SaaS experts catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed the application effortlessly in the Multi – Tenant Framework SaaS-Tenant™.

Leo TechnoSoft’s main challenge was to come up with the required SaaS application within shortest span of time with true Multi – Tenant system to compete in the market for its Client. Since the SaaS-Tenant™ framework is already in place, it took approximately half the time required to transit the application in SaaS environment, meeting the client’s demand of limited time and budget and delivering the application in just 2 months that brought the overall revenue objectives into sight much earlier.

While developing the application, developers simply extended the framework and didn’t reinvent the wheel. They instead focused solely on developing the functionalities related to the business. The delivered SaaS solution was conferred with the Standard SaaS Architecture Functionalities like scale-out, multi tenancy, billing management, release management, role management, user management, event notification, exception handling, high availability out-of-the-box and work flow management. In addition, the application was seamlessly incorporated into ISV specific features that ensure unproblematic alteration to an on-demand model.


• .NET Framework
• Telerik
• C#.Net
• Javascript
• jQuery
• ASP.Net


Built by the expert team of Leo TechnoSoft’s “SaaS-Tenant™”, the RiskAssessor™ Statistical Model would:

• Enable assessment and quantification of New Product Development (NPD) risks;
• Cause important inputs to screen projects;
• Provide statistical risk analysis of New Product Development Portfolios;
• Help Project Leaders in rapidly promoting a shared cross-functional understanding of a specific project.

In the Statistical Model, qualitative inputs or numerical responses would be collected through an online survey or a printed questionnaire that would reflect each individual’s perceptions about the NPD project. The SaaS application would then utilize an algorithm that would compare the project with previous NPD projects. The output from the application would reveal from where the risk is coming in the project, and to what extent such risk would affect the likeliness of success.

• Fast and easy sharing of data
• Supports multiple devices
• Secured sharing of data and Files
• Support all file types
• Streamlined operations result in accurate reports on New Product Development (NPD) risks.
• It provides instant business insight and valuable metrics.

About Leo TechnoSoft

Leo TechnoSoft is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

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