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By admin, March 19, 2014

Customer Profile: Our client, Channeleaze, based in US, is a leading consultancy that provides Expert Analysis, Strategic Planning and Risk Management to its clients. They deliver customized solutions based on the clients’ industry, culture and challenges.

Current Trends

With the arrival of e-business, the business environment has changed dynamically. Companies are increasingly looking for highly certified employees to meet their client requirements as it elicits a distinct competitive edge in bids, contracts and RFPs (Request for Proposals), by giving industry recognition of company proficiency and knowledge. Thus, to monitor and manage company partner level with accredited manufacturers, more and more channel partners are adopting Channel Partner Certification Management system.

Business Situation

Our client was in need of a cloud based system that would allow:

•Channel Partners/Resellers to track and monitor the company partner level and requirements as well as individual certification levels and requirements.
• Manufactures to manage their information.
• Employees to track and monitor their own certification status

They were in search of a company who would be well versed with SaaS-based system and would deliver a comprehensive system to make channel partner management effortless.


Leo TechnoSoft with their expertise in SaaS based system, catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed a Channel Partner Certification Management system, “Channeleaze”, in their Multi –Tenant Framework, “SaaS-Tenant™” in a very short span of time.

Through this SaaS based web application, a certification monitoring process is established that enables channel partners/resellers to identify which of their employees have accredited certifications and which one of the employees need certifications. The channel partners/resellers and employees can log-in into the Channeleaze portal, at any time, and get access to all the information that’s relevant to them. The portal aids in tracking as well as helps the remote employee to manage their certifications.


• .NET Framework
• Telerik
• C#.Net
• Javascript
• jQuery
• ASP.Net
• VB.Net


• SaaS Log Management – Channeleaze application can maintain their user activity logs.
• SaaS User Management – Admin can create a Regular User, a System Administrator, and a Group User.
• Activate / Deactivate Tenant – Tenant admin can activate or deactivate the registered tenant in single click.
• Upgrade Plan Feature – Tenant admin can upgrade the plan features. Channeleaze provides three types of plan Platinum, Gold and Silver.
• Channel Partner / Reseller Management – Channeleaze application helps channel partner to track and monitor the company partner level and requirements as well as individual certification levels and requirements.
• Alert Management – System will give the alert messages to user via text message, email or a phone call, about expiration of certificate, exam date of certificate, arrival of new certifications and courses alerts.
• Manufacture Management – Channeleaze application maintains the list of all registered manufactures.
• Employee Management – Channeleaze admin maintains all employees. Admin can see what are the current exams taken by the employee, the expiration date of the certification and the current certifications achieved. Employee can see the same and manage their respective accounts.
• Application Reports – Channeleaze application can provide various reports, such as report on total number registered users, total number employees who have given certification exams, etc.
• SaaS Reports – Application can provide list of SaaS based reports, which are Manufacture Report, Channel / Reseller Report and Employee Report.


• Channel partners/resellers can monitor certification that they need for a certain type of product or service.
• The accreditation of the support personnel can be handled more systematically to ensure that proficiency is managed.
• Managing employees becomes easy through this effective way of tracking certifications and specializations.

About Leo TechnoSoft

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