SaaS Adoption – A Cost Effective Partnered Product Development Model

By admin, August 17, 2009

As a product development company are you finding it increasingly difficult to:

  • Face rising competitive pressure
  • Deal with shorter product cycle times
  • Rush into new product introductions
  • Maintain an IT infrastructure
  • Find and retain scarce technical resources
  • Control rising IT expenditures
  • Deal with periodic software bug fixes

Software-as-a-Service also known as SaaS offers a highly scalable solution to deal with all these issues and is the best alternative to buying expensive software and paying for periodic upgrades. For companies, this means that they do not have to worry about building an infrastructure for the software they propose to develop. Instead, the software is available through a hosting company via the web browser in exchange for a subscription fee.

SaaS provides a viable alternative to paying for and maintaining technical resources and infrastructure. Companies leveraging applications delivered via a (SaaS) model not only move the business forward but can also effectively tackle issues arising out of the current economic crisis as well.

Areas of SaaS Usage

SaaS can be adopted for new product development, for specialized applications in customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, accounting, payroll, content management systems and other collaborative services made available on a pay-as-you-use or time-based pricing model via the Web. It is the best bet for on-demand application hosting, providing a cost effective alternative to traditional licensed software.

Companies both large and small are increasingly adopting SaaS for its cost savings, effective security and simplified software management (for both maintenance and upgrades) and the flexibility it provides for supporting business needs.

SaaS solutions provide the best alternative to avoid up-front investments in new software platforms by offering “renting” on-demand applications that would provide added returns where most needed.  It empowers IT teams to facilitate cost-effectiveness with productivity that has to be retained particularly during a recession and in times of financial crisis. SaaS allows management to focus on core business rather than IT.


SaaS is a viable software model that has distinct operational advantages:

  • Reduces IT infrastructure and management overhead
  • Lower licensing and maintenance costs
  • Easier upgrade to new future versions
  • Instant access to technology updates
  • On demand scalability

SaaS is providing a faster and more economical option for organizations to deploy, run and utilize software. Leo Technosoft provides next-generation SaaS product development in a cloud setting. Get in touch with our SaaS product engineering team for full life-cycle SaaS product offerings at cost-effective rates.