SFA integration for Blackberry mobiles

By admin, April 1, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client Claris Lifesciences is one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India with a market presence in 91 countries worldwide. They primarily manufacture and market products across multiple markets and therapeutic segments.


Wouldn’t it be convenient if all the sales force records would be available to you in instant time and in a compact form? How about the goodness of SFA wrapped in mobile technology? Now the outstanding team of Leo Technosoft have made this arduous task possible.

It’s always a mammoth task for the sales team to interact with their prospect customers and help them out in real time. But this revolutionary application would enable the field force to adapt a SFA system which is hassle free and doesn’t require them to spend hours on desk. It’s designed to beat past aggravation of a tedious and complex data entry work. Loaded with benefits it manages the customer and pipeline information better.

Designed pertinently to help the management, sales and MRs to be mutable and access the data in instant time, it’s the most trouble-free and effortless option that will not only help in reducing the costs of managing IT infrastructure, is customizable, will offer enhanced information flow at the precise time and speed to boost productivity. Now product information would be within reach at just the tip of one’s finger!


Pharmacy Life Science

Business Situation

Our client wanted a far-reaching application that would integrate the web based CRM and BI in real time for instant updates and communications. They were looking for a handy application for Blackberry mobiles that would show quick data results in instantaneous time.


The Leo Technosoft team who are specialists in health care applications, patient data management and pharmaceuticals developed an application keeping the business situation in mind. An inventive mobile application was born compatible for Blackberry that’s customizable in nature and bestowing all the advantages of SFA in mobile technology.


• j2me
• sun java wireless toolkit(WTK)
• Blackberry JDE 5.0.0O
• iPhone


This radical application would facilitate the sales team to:
• Obtain instant pricing information to help quote prices instantly
• Facilitate a real time reporting system
• Create an auto analysis of data and view auto updates
• Effectively manage schedules and appointments
• Get real time alerts from the organizations head office

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