SharePoint Legal Case Management

By admin, September 12, 2011

Customer Profile: Our client, UnitedLex, is a Legal Process Outsourcing firm operating in USA, UK, India and Israel. Its aim is to improve the performance of law departments, law firms and academic institutions by providing unparalleled solutions to address the risk, efficiency and effectiveness goals of their clients. They have more than 1,100 attorneys, engineers and consultants who drive economies of scale and knowledge in the areas of litigation, contracting, intellectual property, general legal and operations to deliver seven and eight figure benefits to their clients.

Current Trends

Presently, it is vital to have a legal case management system that enables the attorneys and legal firms to keep a track of the progress of the ongoing legal cases.

Business Situation

Our client approached us with an innovative idea to simplify the management process of the legal cases. They required an interface, which would enable the attorneys and the authorized people to view the current status of the ongoing legal cases and also aid them to stay updated on the progress of the case. Our expert team of adept developers rendered a bespoke solution that ably catered the client’s precise requirements.


Our experts came up with an amazing SharePoint Legal Case Management system that enables the end-user to get a view of all cases in progress and at a glance see the exact status and next steps required for each case by simply logging on to the platform. The interface itself is based largely on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, and other functionality also included in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, Microsoft Office Excel 2010, and Microsoft Office Access 2010. This flexibility also means that it’s easy for different people to take over the same case if a member of staff is on sick leave.

Microsoft SQL Server is the underlying database that stores all the critical information associated with each case, as well as the company’s practice management system.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
MS SQL Server 2008
Microsoft Office 2010


It guides employees through the information-gathering process and notifies them when a particular document or piece of information needs to be acquired.
It also reminds them when a given step has missed its deadline.
All these messages are conveyed using familiar desktop tools-for example, tasks and reminders in Office Outlook 2010. In other words, employees use software and interfaces that are familiar from everyday work. This gives them greater confidence on a given case, and delivers a faster and more consistent service to clients.
It also reduces the need for training as common tool bars, menus, and other features are easily understandable to anyone used to working with Microsoft desktop software.


Collaboration and communication
It simplifies case management workflow engine for legal cases.
The end-user experience is greatly simplified compared with the previous process.
The other advantage of platform is its versatility. Team can add and remove steps to a given process by dragging and dropping components of a workflow diagram.
It also integrates an electronic forms management system designed specifically for the legal profession.
Shortens the time taken to process legal cases while reducing errors and increasing productivity.