SharePoint Project Management

By admin, September 12, 2011

Customer Profile: Our client, Trendcore, is a consultancy service provider. They manage various projects based on different technologies and solve different and complex tasks.

Current Trends

Companies with several projects at hand find it difficult to manage all the projects simultaneously. Thence, the companies call for a system that enables them to manage and monitor the progress of the projects effectively and helps in prioritizing the same.

Business Situation

Our client was struggling to manage its projects effectively. The problems faced by them included –

  • Unrealistic Deadlines
  • Communication Deficit
  • Scope Changes
  • Resource Competition
  • Uncertain Dependencies
  • Insufficient Team Skills
  • Vision and Goals not well-defined

So, they approached us to create an information platform that would aid project managers in creative planning, alternatives analysis, and communication of reality to the project participants. Our expert team of adept developers rendered a bespoke solution that ably catered to the client’s precise needs.


Leo TechnoSoft offered information platform for its client to help in project management. The information platform enabled project managers to determine what deadlines are tied to higher level objectives, or have critical links into schedules of other projects in the organization’s portfolio besides aiding in creative planning and improving effective communication between managers and team members reducing eavesdrops.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
MS SQL Server 2008


Starting with the project manager role, documents the core set of skills needed to accomplish the expected workload, and honestly bounce each person’s skills against the list or matrix.
It has the capabilities of assessing the team, guide the team towards competency with training, cross-training, additional resources, external advisors, and other methods to close the skills gap.
It also has the capabilities of determining which parts of a project are not understood by the team and other project participants – asks them or notes feedback and questions that come up.
Checks the project documentation as prepared, and tightens up the stated objectives and goals – an editor has appropriate skills to find vague terms and phrasing.
Each project is, hopefully, tied into to the direction, strategic goals, and vision for the whole organization, as part of the portfolio of projects for the organization.


Time management system
Enables team in scope changes as what is being requested, the challenges related to any changes, and the alternate plans, if any, to the project participants.
Helps upper level management to define and set project priority across all projects.
Enables project manager to utilize resources (people, money, time) against other projects and initiatives effectively.
Helps team members and project manager determine project dependencies, assessing the risk or reliability behind these linkages.