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By admin, April 10, 2012

Customer Profile: Our client, 83 Degrees South is a professional services, research and training company that brings together experienced professionals who love the challenge of uncharted terrain. 83 Degrees South differentiates itself by a focus on Innovation, Sustainable Leadership projects and Best Management Practice education.

Overview is an off-beat crowd funding platform that funds and provides the photographers with a platform where they can showcase their talent and live up their dream projects.

This amazing platform is designed not only to facilitate the photographers by funding their work and expanding their exposure in the market, but it also gives a chance to the backers to support their favorite projects and ultimately get an insight on their making and development process. The photographers can then stay connected to their backers by posting pictures, articles, video’s that would provide the backers with a ‘live’ insight on the ongoing project development. Its features include:
• Backing a project, raising money to support a photographer’s work.
• Providing the people who supported the project with a reward by allowing them to access the exclusive ‘project zone’.
• Following the evolution of payments, sending alerts and notifications to everyone who backed and to the photographer behind the projects.


Social Networking (Crowd funding)

Business Situation

Our client was looking to create a crowd sourcing/ crowd funding platform aiming to promote the work of photojournalists. The major difference was the integration of a ‘project zone’, linking photographers and backers.


The efficient team of Leo TechnoSoft developed a portal using Liferay platform that is dependable, cost effective and has the potential to support the development of innovative internet-based applications. The platform was used to provide crowd funding facility for the assistance of photojournalists.


• Liferay
• J2ee
• WordPress
• Mysql
• Mobile Technologies


This splendid platform will help the photojournalists to obtain ample funds, present their work to a wide network of people and market themselves and their products through an innovative online media. It would also enable the backers to get an insight on the development of a photojournalism project. and contact their favorite photographers and access a network of people interested in photography.

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Country or Region

United Kingdom

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Leo TechnoSoft Social Networking Services

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