SOP Tracking System| RPG Life Sciences

By admin, May 27, 2015

Customer Profile: RPG Life Sciences is a research based, pharmaceutical company operating in the domestic and international markets in the Branded Formulations, Global Generics, Synthetic and Fermentation APIs space. It produces a wide range of quality, affordable medicines.

Current Trends

Managing the training of employees manually is not an easy task. Hence, today, application oriented automated systems are needed for the purposes like tracking and tracing the progress of training.

Business Situation

Earlier RPG was manually managing the training of employees but it was tedious, unorganized and time consuming especially when more than one employee was receiving training. Tracking the progress of training was a difficult task.


Leo TechnoSoft designed Training Management System, an application that enables corporate organizations to plan and provide, training to their new employees via systematic procedures with ease. The main motive of this application is to handle internal as well as external training for an employee of an organization and maintain a record for the same. This automated system keeps a track as well as record of not only the training provided to employees, but also the training that employees are yet to receive.


• C#
• SQL Server 2008
• Javascript
• Ajax


• The progress on the training of employee can be tracked and traced.
• With easy documentation, training’s that are due or about to expire in near future can be recorded.
• SOP documents can be linked with activities.
• Notifications are an important feature that reminds the users of training dues and/or skips.
• Via dashboard of this app, manager can refer to the fetched results regarding training to be taken by an employee or training to be provided by manager.
• Generates huge reports in various formats like XLS, PDF, CSV etc.


• Hierarchy based access makes Training Management System, a user-friendly app that plans training modules and records the implementation of each step.
• Training Management System can prepare various reports that will ensure managers understand the training sessions that have been organized in past.
• For any organization, the documentation of training and other important things related to employees is a tedious task. However, Training Management System can easily handle multiple documents related to various trainees.
• Time saving
• The training of employees can be held at various locations.