Systems24 – Helpdesk Outsourcing

By admin, July 12, 2010

Customer Profile: Our client, Arden Systems, is a managed services provider. They are basically an IT services provider who manage and assume responsibility for rendering definite services to their clients proactively by determining themselves the services required by the client.

Current Trends

Several emerging companies struggle with their IT infrastructure needs. To help those startup companies, there is a need for a platform that enables them to find IT solutions online 24x 7.

Business Situation

Our client was looking to capture a completely new market segment of emerging and startup companies, who struggle to find IT solutions. They wanted us to design an on-demand platform to enable cash stripped start–up and emerging companies do away with IT infrastructure needs. They wanted us to develop a platform with seamless scalability, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


Leo TechnoSoft came up with a unique platform, Systems24, to empower its client to target an entirely new market segment with a never before on-demand IT infrastructure solution. System 24 is a Computer Systems support application.


  • C#
  • Java
  • php
  • Zend framework


  • Systems24 offers maintenance and support for all office technology, as though you had a dedicated, on-site team.
  • Systems24 can provide a systems support solution tailored to a company size, industry, technology requirements and location.


  • B2C application development
  • Systems24 focuses on providing organizations with simple, scalable, fixed cost, unlimited online and on-site support.