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Cutting noise from Product Engineering Process:

Product Engineering Teams should aim at reducing noise while engineering a product. Overlooking the noise can impact in waste of time, cost and eventually product debacle. Seamless Product thought transitioning from the ideator’s to the people down the chain is essential to get a clear context into the product objective. Every attribute of the product or objective required to be addressed through the workflow must answer “Why” to define and solve product engineering problem.

The webinar is focused on:

  • Identifying & avoiding the frictions and confusion during product engineering process. 
  • Product engineering process optimization.
  • Strategy transitions in product engineering.
  • To know more about B-O-M-T (Build, Operate, Market and Transform) Model and its benefits join our webinar:

    Speaker Details – Prakash Sathe - Head of Business Development & Sales (North America)

    Prakash is a Startup Mentor and Experience Business Executive with 20 + years of experience in business management and consulting innovative business solution. He is an experienced strategist with a sharp focus on profitability by creating value through developing differentiated customer-focused solutions. His expertise in defining productization approach for startup has earned him a lot of respect in Startup Community Globally. In his current profile he is assisting the business division to meet and exceed fiscal year revenue objectives by providing high quality sales assistance during all phases of the sales cycle.

    Type: Demo

    Changing dynamics of the Prototyping

    Prototyping is an integral part of Design Thinking and User Experience design in general because it allows us to test our ideas quickly and improve on them in an equally timely fashion. Prototyping has assisted stakeholders in effective and more awarded decision making.  It is the most effective way of summarize idea, Idea Sharing and above all define implicit design vocabulary. The webinar explores the changing dynamics of Prototyping and choose best method to prototype the idea.

    The webinar is focused on:

  • Why is prototyping so important in the design process? 
  • How does it help you create human-centered design solutions?
  • Speaker Details: Nimesh Bhatia - Account Manager (International Market)

    Nimesh has 9 years of rich corporate experience serving Fortune 500 clients across North America. He takes pride in consulting technology solutions to enterprises with a brief SaaS vision and he is passionate about technological innovative ideas.

    Type: Demo