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Fundamentals Of SaaS Business: Multi-Tenant Models

Cloud computing is mounting at rapid rates far greater than any other wave of IT services and SaaS has been the driver for that growth. This conversion has forced many business organizations to change and build novel ways to deliver services in a cloud-centric multi-tenant application.

Ensuring technology acceleration, SaaS multi-tenant application saves users from arduous task of building robust, scalable cloud solution and let them focus on their business logic. Multi-Tenant framework is the building block which gives users secure control over cloud solution along with complete privacy and ownership of their data. Together with our feature rich modules, SaaS Multi-Tenant application gives you unparalleled capabilities in building, managing, monitoring and administering your cloud solution.

Join us to understand how to scale you existing SaaS infrastructure in revenue, features & user base with Multi-Tenant models

In this webinar, we will discuss –

  • Basics of Multi-Tenant SaaS application
  • Single coupled database Vs. an isolated database
  • Multi-Tenant modules on demand.
  • Speaker Details: Sarveshwar Desai - Business Consultant - Channel Partnership

    Sarvesh has over a decade of experience in sales channel and partnerships. He has been working in SaaS tenant and business development industry for 10 years. He has benefited his partners by bringing huge growth in leads and business.

    Type: Demo