Via online sales, Digital Hill symbolizes the peak of comfort

By admin, May 24, 2016

Customer Profile: Digital Hill is an US-based online store where third party products are sold. It sells trousers, headwear, outerwear, sportswear, decoration and shorts manufactured by a company called Alpha Products.

Current Trends

Digital Hill wanted to update all the Alpha Products in their system and have a complete database of all products that would help them to keep a track of product quantity and sales.


Leo TechnoSoft developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that was used for products hosted on website. Stock of products was regularly updated. Now when a customer would place the order for buying a particular product, via this API, an excel sheet generated by Digital Hill would be uploaded on the server of Alpha Products. Upon receiving the file, Alpha Products would ship the product via United Parcel Services (UPC).




Following are the key features of the API developed for Digital Hill.

Easy shopping:

Digital Hills makes shopping easy as people can check the products online and compare prices.

Defining the size:Customers can choose the size of product they want.
Choosing colours:Customers can also choose the colour of the product they want.
Product reviews: Users can write product reviews and read the existing reviews to decide whether the product is suitable for her requirement.
Easy payment:Via Paypal and Credit card, payments can be made easily.
Cronjob: Stock of inventory is updated by Cronjob functionality.
Curl: Curl functionality creates CSV or Excel file and forwards it to Alpha Products server.