Web 2.0 Services – An Indispensable Resource

By admin, February 4, 2010

Web 2.0 is changing the way online businesses are being conducted, facilitating interactive information sharing among users and collaboration on the internet.

Social-networking, video-sharing, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook are all user-based interfaces, technologies and communities that come under Web 2.0. Web 2.0 represents an important step in the development of Internet-based tools and is the new way of spreading and sharing information online.
Businesses world wide are on a cost-cutting and downsizing spree and this has spurred the adoption of low-cost Web 2.0 solutions. Organizations are waking up to the importance of meaningful, secure customer interaction online due to which Web 2.0 technologies that help install online communities and forums have become absolutely mandatory to build web based solutions. Moreover Web 2.0 is the backbone for significant advances in the iPhone, smart phones and integrated devices platform translating into an increasing use of mobile platforms and devices.

The defining elements of websites updated with Web 2.0 functionality include:

  • “Rich” Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Community features, social networks, and user-generated content
  • Mashups
  • Advertising as a business model

Web 2.0’s unique features set it apart from other technology platforms:

Simplicity – Even a non-tech savvy person can create visually-pleasing websites

Easy Navigation – Fairly easy tools help the viewers navigate throughout the website. Web 2.0 design styles use fewer columns due to which the website becomes more visible and clear.

Color Friendly – Web 2.0 design styles allow adding of reflections and shadows through changing of color gradient.

Revamp and Revitalize Websites

Leverage the power of Web 2.0 and transform your business landscape by cross promoting products and issues, and integrating online and offline marketing strategies. The web as a platform helps to connect and collaborate on projects and problem resolution, connecting companies to partners and clients, enabling linking of individuals around a business task. Web 2.0 gives the flexibility to tap into solutions or experts anywhere at anytime. Content and other relevant data can be securely shared with site visitors and partners leading to increased productivity.

Today people rely more on friends and network recommendations to help in decision making. Other people’s opinion about a product or service has more credibility rather than ads and marketing messages. This means that web platforms to express, self-publish are gaining immense popularity and will continue their exponential growth in the future.