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By admin, April 24, 2012

Pharma SFA is a Cloud based and on the Mobile Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation solution that increases sales force effectiveness by over 50% and minimizes expenses by over 80% transforming into higher sales revenue.


Now effectual management of presales activities and post sales customer relations management is promising with the all new innovatory cloud based Pharma SFA put together to effectively manage the sales force.

The Pharma SFA developed by Leo Technosoft is a framework that reduces the communication time as well as the cost incurred between the managers, sales representatives and HQ. Integrated to manage an accurate response plan promptly based on the information provided by the Sales Representatives, it contributes in having an upper hand over the competitors by gaining a major market share. It’s a simple application to beat past aggravation of a tedious, complex data entry work and manages the complete activity of the sales force instantly. What’s more its easy access to report instantly makes it apt for the sales force team who remain hard pressed for time.

Getting rid of arduous work that the sales force team goes through, this exceptional application will enhance productivity. Optimising the sales force resources while staying connected was never so easy!


Pharmacy Life Science

Business Situation

Our Client wanted a framework that could make the task of the entire sales force easy. The main aim of the management was that a Sales Representative should spend more time on field rather than on the system.


The Leo Technosoft team who are specialists in health care applications, patient data management and pharmaceuticals developed an application keeping in mind the drug life cycle process in the pharmaceutical industry and made a smooth workflow. An unperturbed framework was developed collaborating CRM and BI for seamless sharing of real-time information between sales force and the management to facilitate intelligent decisions.




This far-reaching application would help the sales team to:

• Report instantly
• Seamless sharing of real-time information
• Obtain instant pricing information to help quote prices instantly
• Create an auto analysis of data and view auto updates
• Effectively manage schedules and appointments
• Get instant alerts from superiors
• Enables better planning and overall strategy implementing

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