Website Launched Using Responsive Web Design in Liferay | Second Image National

By admin, July 10, 2014

Our client, Second Image National, is a premium legal services company, which provides document photocopying, records management and distribution, national authorization and subpoena services, online radiology viewing, medical records organization, and court exhibits to the legal, insurance and general business communities across the United States.

Current Trends

At present, responsive layout is a major trend in the web world. It allows a website to be used on any web enabled device – not just the traditional desktop. With smartphones and tablets dominating the marketplace, organizations need websites that work on these smaller screen sizes. Responsive layout enables developing a site that works on tablets and smartphones and ensures that the site remains relevant for a long time, thereby reducing annual IT spending.

Business Situation

The client, as a provider of document management services, is a dynamic company with focus on leading edge technology and outstanding customer service. The client realized that smart phones and hand-held devices are no longer used just for social networking and are in fact increasingly being used for professional use. When they recognized that the number of users accessing their website through smartphones and tablets was growing significantly – 40% of their online website traffic comes from mobile devices – they approached Leo TechnoSoft seeking to put a multi-screen strategy in place.


Leo TechnoSoft worked jointly with the client’s business team to deliver a proper solution based on client’s specific requirements. They analyzed the client’s existing website and informed them that the users were visiting their website from different devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets on different mobile browsers. This rapid shift from desktop to mobile internet access required a new approach to web design. Being a leading player on the web, the client’s website required to mirror the quality of their services and needed to remain consistent across all media platforms. So, the only solution for them was to get their designs responsive ready, rather than maintaining multiple versions of a website to accommodate multiple devices. The client basically needed to employ Responsive Web Design to their website.

Using Liferay’s tools and Leo TechnoSoft’s web design expertise and experience in Responsive Web Design, Leo TechnoSoft’s expert team of developers helped the client achieve a versatile and properly designed website to deliver an optimal viewing experience to the users, irrespective of the type of device a website is viewed on. The developers used Liferay for developing the new web design as it can detect the screen width of a device, using WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File), a Device Description Repository (DDR), CSS media queries and JavaScript. They specified the CSS for each of the four common display sizes, and the images now decreases in size or are hidden while the content and navigation remains the same when they are seen on a smartphone or tablet.


• Liferay 6.2 Enterprise edition
• JavaScript
• CSS3
• Bootstrap


• Account Set-up: User needs to fill in his information to set up a new account. The Enroll button submits the form data to request-login page.
• Client Login: The Login button submits the form data to login page.
• Invalid User Name or Password: If the user enters an invalid user name or password, the user gets redirected to Forgot Password page.
• CAPTCHA: If user enters an incorrect password more than 5 times, CAPTCHA is required.
• Single Account Access: User can retrieve the password or username when the user’s login is linked to only one account.
• Multiple Account Access: User can retrieve the password or username when the user’s login is linked to more than one account.
• Schedule a Demo: User is asked to fill the Schedule a Demo form.


• A single code base that provides easy and low maintenance along with a single version of the website that improves SEO.
• Single website that works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.
• No need to build multiple websites or apps for different devices.
• No need to design costly IOS or Android based applications.
• Better navigation and utmost user-friendliness.
• Better chances on conversion from mobile users, as users convert more on an optimized site
• Fluid user experience.
• Compatible with all browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Opera browsers.
• High quality browsing experience with better navigations, zooming and fast loading of the responsive sites.