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By admin, August 8, 2010


Build a Networking site where the communities of a specific organization spread in different corner of the world can link together, update each other about announcements, private Messaging, Job Openings, Calendar & Events.
Also, to include a module where country/national/group admin can manage that, And to create a well maintained Permission structure and security system.


• SQL2005


This is a community site for on of the well known non-profit making organization which is spread worldwide. This is a site developed for some USA base communities to link them together. This site includes various modules and tools to make the team, countries and national offices updated each other. Various modules include announcements, calendars, private Messaging, Job Openings, Calendar & Events modules. This is limited to the users of that particular community. It also includes Country, team management and administration. It includes creation of country/national/group admin’s and they can manage their particular country/national/groups. Permission structure and security is well maintained within this site.


• Social Networking Portal Development
• Web 2.0 Portal Development